For nearly 10 years ComplianceFactors and its former companies have been providing various compliance solutions to businesses small and large. Focused initially on the SHES arena and all aspects of training, ComplianceFactors is now expanding its scope to included IT Solutions that will assist businesses in every area of regulatory compliance and operational excellence. Our goal is to combine our expertise with yours to not only meet your regulatory requirements, but to provide a solution tailored to your specific needs and focused on achieving operational excellence.  

Compliance Solutions:
Safety, Health, Environment & Security, Life Sciences, Financial, Human Resources, Consensus Standards

Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental Compliance, Security, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics, Contractor Validation and Review, Human Resources – Performance Management, Training and Pharma Regulatory

Learning Management:
Learning Management Systems, On-Line Training Courses, On-line Training Development, Instructor-Led Training Hosted or On-Site


• Oil and Gas

• Telecommunications

• Utilities

• Government

• Construction

• Transportation

• Manufacturing

• Information Technologies

• Healthcare

• Life Sciences

• Pharmaceutical

• Distribution

• Insurance

• Banking

• Finances

• Aviation



• Dept. of Human Services

• Dept. of Justice

• Dept. of State

• Dept. of Veterans Affairs

• Dept. of Interior

• VA Dept. of Transportation

• MD Dept. of Transportation

• Dept. of Transportation

• Dept. of Housing & Urban Dev.



• ExxonMobil

• Harley Davidson

• ConocoPhillips

• Revere

• Barton Malow

• Mike Richards Construction

• Bayonne Energy Center

• Chrysler

• Cisco

• VW

• Sun

• Agilent

• Levis

• McAfee

• Citrix

• Intuit

• Ryder



• The Bowen Group

• Booz Allen Hamilton

institute for safety and health managment national safety council

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